Feeder Blast

Free Feeder Cattle Marketing Service...

Use Brangus Feeder Blast to send descriptions of your feeder cattle and calves to feedyard managers and order buyers who have an interest in feeding Brangus incluenced cattle. Feeder Blast is FREE, and works for load lots of calves or yearlings. Whether you are selling through a sale barn, video auction or private treaty, Feeder Blast gives you an audience with potential buyers. Listing your cattle on the Feeder Blast is easy:


Brangus Built

Brangus Built cattle are commercial cattle that are identified as having high valued Brangus influence. The eligible cattle will be assigned ear tags that have the Brangus Built logo along with an individual ID number as well as plenty of room for the producer to add any identification that fits into their program (example: herd ID, dam and/or sire ID, lot number). These tags can stay with that female indefinitely.

Contact Jason Bates at (210) 696-8231 to find out about using Brangus genetics.