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Use Brangus Feeder Blast to send descriptions of your feeder cattle and calves to feedyard managers and order buyers who have an interest in feeding Brangus incluenced cattle. Feeder Blast is FREE, and works for load lots of calves or yearlings. Whether you are selling through a sale barn, video auction or private treaty, Feeder Blast gives you an audience with potential buyers. Listing your cattle on the Feeder Blast is easy:


Brangus Gold Replacement Females

The gold standard female for commercial beef production is the crossbred cow. Real world results from profit-driven producers prove that the crossbred female is not only the most productive, but also the most profitable female in the industry. Data from the US Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center Nebraska show Brangus-crossbreds have 50% greater lifetime productivity over British x Continental crossbreds.

The Brangus and Brangus-crossbred Commercial Female has long been valued for her maternal excellence by profit-minded beef producers. Reams of research and real world results from across the United States prove Brangus-influenced commercial cows produce more pounds of high quality beef than any other. What’s more, they do it year in and year out

Brangus Gold Commercial Females are verified IBBA Genetics. 

Enrolling females is easy and cost effective. Contact Brangus Marketing Programs staff today to get started.