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The gold standard female for commercial beef production is the crossbred cow.

Real world results from profit-driven producers prove that the crossbred female is not only the most productive, but also the most profitable female in the industry. 

The Brangus and Brangus-crossbred Commercial Female has long been valued for her maternal excellence by profit-minded beef producers.

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A High-Tech Cattleman

by IBBA Communications Coordinator Peyton Waldrip Robby Beach and David Waldrip have a cow-calf operation in New Braunfels, Texas. With an excess of rain late this summer and into the fall, grass is high on Open Bar Cattle Company’s property. This calving season has presented new challenges with an unusual,

Drone Photography Has Been An Experience

by Penny Bowie, Omni Advertising and Graphics, Inc. As a professional photographer, I keep up with all the latest in technology when it comes to cameras and I had been watching closely the development of drones. I wanted to purchase one when the camera engineering would complement my business. I needed

Technological Communication Implementation

by IBBA Field Service Representative Kyle Dykes In today’s world we find ourselves busier than ever. There is always work to be done and new business to be conducted. In many situations, we find business people, no matter the industry, are operating in multiple locations with employees and resources scattered

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Birth Weight/Calving Ease – FRONTLINE Beef Producer Fall 2016

Let’s Lose Less Sleep: Birth Weight/Calving Ease, by Robert Williams, Ph.D. Pounds of healthy calves weaned, as a percentage of cows exposed, is one of the most important characteristics of a profitable beef enterprise. There are several traits which contribute to this measurement of herd profitability, including: fertility, calving ease,

Brangus: The Reliable Breed – FRONTLINE Beef Producer Fall 2016

Brangus: The Reliable Breed, by Executive Vice President Tommy Perkins, Ph.D., PAS Beef cattle heifer retention challenges, economic instability, lower beef prices, and an uncertain political future is facing the beef industry as we roll into the fall months. Add preparation for the forecasted drought and you can see why

World Brangus Congress: February 27-March 3, 2018, United States

Gathering of the World’s Brangus Breeders

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