Attention DNA Customers

IBBA has been updated by Neogen that DNA sample storage will no longer be a free expense incurred by the lab. This has been previously stated but not implemented due to Covid disruptions and delays. This is unfortunate news, but understandable as DNA is becoming an increasing product in the industry and the company has limited storage space. With such notice, IBBA is actively working with the lab to ensure we can obtain all DNA samples submitted through the organization previously and future submissions. The IBBA has reviewed many routes available to take and the feasibility of each in regard to the future of IBBA DNA testing. For all previous DNA sample submissions, IBBA will be storing all DRY samples consisting of blood and hair cards at the IBBA office (for a maximum of an 8-year period). All DNA samples that require COLD storage including TSUs will be temporarily stored short-term at the IBBA office for a maximum of a one-month period after which they will either be returned to the member or discarded. DNA Sample Storage Form Please fill out this document, if you have not already done so, and email to [email protected] or mail/fax to the IBBA office.