Brangus® Built

As commercial cattlemen, one of our goals is to increase profit revenue while limiting the input cost of a herd. Brangus® genetics provide production of females and bulls that maximize the benefits of heterosis. Once cattle are ready to be productive members of a herd, the next challenge is marketing that herd. By using Brangus Built tags, we can control that challenge and increase the marketability of those cattle to ultimately make the rancher more money for his pocket.

The Brangus Built tagging program is for the commercial producer that has cattle who are the progeny of at least one registered Brangus® parent. Utilizing Brangus® parentage in your program will improve consistency and longevity in your herd. Brangus® are adaptable, disease tolerant, and set the standard for stout, sound livestock that excel in maternal characteristics. This breed has repeatedly proven to the commercial producer that they are one of the most sought-after, low-maintenance and profitable breed selections in the industry.

Being in the field and traveling as often as I do, I meet with cattle ranchers that believe in the Brangus Built program. Through all the sales I’ve had the honor of attending, this program consistently proves that these tags offer marketing value and profit margins for Brangus® cattle, compared to other breeds, as well as those within the breed, that do not use the tags. The pens of females sold that come into the ring with Brangus Built tags displayed consistently sell higher than those without. Buyers have begun to recognize that beautiful, bright yellow Brangus Built tag, and they are more confident in their purchase knowing the cattle will get into production and do their job the right way.

One prime example of Brangus Built cattle succeeding and excelling was at the San Antonio Livestock Exposition All Breeds Bull and Commercial Female sale. Jasik Hay Farms exhibited the Grand Champion pen of females and first place pen of Brangus® cow/calf pairs, and Jackson Family Brangus took first place with their pen of open heifers.

If you are ready to take the next step in adding value to your cattle come sale day, and out performing your neighbor, Brangus Built tags are the way to do it. As previously mentioned, the animal must have one registered Brangus® parent.

Brangus Built ear tags are sourced from Temple Tags/Z-tags in Temple, Texas. All tags must be ordered through the International Brangus Breeders Association, and be sure to inquire about customizing your order with your ranch phone number or logo. Each Brangus Built ear tag has a unique identification number for tracking ease and continuity.

Please feel free to the IBBA if you have any questions regarding the Brangus Built program or about Brangus® cattle, in general.

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