Brangus® Value Project

The Brangus Value Project is a comprehensive progeny test that will follow A.I.-sired steers through the feeding and packing segments and will capture data on feed efficiency, all carcass traits, and tenderness. This is the absolute best way to gather genetically relevant data on traits that matter greatly in the modern, quality-driven beef industry. The data will filter through the EPDs of thousands of cattle in the Brangus herdbook. It’s a BIG DEAL!!!

IBBA members who are willing to invest $500 to sponsor one of the steers in this project will receive a Brangus strip loin, cut into individually packaged steaks, and delivered to your door. You will also be invited to an invitation-only seminar where all the data will first be presented.

Your investment will be with the International Brangus Breeders Foundation which is a 501(c) 3 charitable foundation (tax-deductible).

The Brangus Value Project - Round 2 Has Just Completed!


The Brangus Value Project is a highly structured birth-to-beef progeny test managed by IBBA and funded by breeders like us who invest through the International Brangus Breeders Foundation. Randomized mating of commercial cows and whole-life structured contemporary grouping results in very high-quality data that flows into the genetic evaluation of Brangus.

Ninety research steers sired by five widely used Brangus and Ultrablack sires were fed and harvested in southwest Kansas in the winter/spring of 2022.

The Brangus Value Project for 2023 represented 7 widely used sires and the amount of steers was increased to 103.

Supporting this project is easy and is a great way for breeders to continue the research and growth to better the future of the Brangus breed.

Round 2 Update

The Brangus Value Project - Round 1 & 2 Recap

The first 2 rounds of the Brangus Value Project was a great success. Click below to get a detailed update!