An Update From the Field: December 2017

by IBBA Field Service Representative Matt Murdoch


The days are now shorter, sale season is in full swing, and there have been some pretty exciting things happening in the Brangus world lately. The months of October and November have been full of lots of miles down the road with numerous relationships built as well as many familiar faces.

Since the last field update in the October Brangus Journal, we have had the National Show of Merit take place in Shreveport, Louisiana, a Brangus bull sell for $100,000, and numerous sales.

The National Show of Merit was certainly a success, for not only the cattle that won, but more so for the industry as a whole. Once again, our Brangus breeders bring out the best of the best and prove that we can stand with the top end of any breed. Being in charge of open shows for Brangus has been more rewarding than I anticipated. The main reason for that is due to all the families and breeders that haul across the country to show. The relationships I have developed with many of the people in the show and sale barns are wonderful. I would like to briefly thank everyone for the generosity and assistance in this process.

Although the shows are fantastic, I cannot explain how much I enjoy going through the sale lots at so many of these ranches. I am constantly amazed at the consistency of quality cattle that are offered. The genetic backing, as well as phenotypic eye appeal, is still present in so many of these cattle, and the breeders should be proud. However, the most unique thing is how all of these cattle are so good and balanced on paper, as well as in the pen. Furthermore, the cattle are diverse in the many different operations they serve.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday celebrating with family and friends. Make sure you enjoy all the most important things: family, food, football, and definitely calving season. Additionally, Merry Christmas to everyone, stay safe, and stay warm. I hope to see everyone soon.