IBBA Member Handbook

Tab 1: General Information

Table of Contents

Sec I-A. Brangus® Characteristics

First Generation Brangus® Calves

Generation Determination

Sec I-B. History of the IBBA

Tab II: Registration Issues

Sec II-A. Total Herd Reporting

Fee Structure

Reporting Requirements

THR Schedule

Performance Option

Sec II-B. Animal Identification Options

International Letter

Freeze Branding

Hot Iron Branding


Sec II-C. Registration and Certification Requirements

Requirements for Registrations

Registration Disqualifications

Recording Derivative Cattle

Sec II-D. Registration Terms

Animal Status

Color Score

Private Herd Number

Scurs Score

Service Type

Sec II-E. Performance Adjustments and Ratios

Contemporary Groups

Adjusted Birth Weight

Birth Weight Ratio

Adjusted 205 Day Weight

Weaning Weight Ratio

Adjusted Yearling Weight

Yearling Weight Ratio

Adjusted Scrotal Circumference

Sec II-F. Transfer of Registration

Application for Transfer

Transfer of Partial Interest

Date of Sale

Signature on Transfer Form

Service Information on Females

Registration and Transfer of Calf at Side

Sec II-G. Certificate Corrections/Duplicates

Corrections to Registration Certificates

Animal Name Change

Duplicate Registration Certificates

Sec II-H. DNA Genotyping / Parent Verification

DNA Genotyping

Parent Verification

AI Sire

Donor Dam

Sec II-I. Genetic Defect Policy

Sec II-J. DNA Genotyping Procedures

Semen Sample

Blood Sample

Tab III: Genetic Improvement

Sec III-A. Guidelines for Within-Herd Performance Programs

Herd Sire

Heifer Selection

Merchandising for Seedstock Producer

Sec III-B. Expected Progeny Differences (EPD)

What Are Expected Progeny Differences?

How Do You Use EPD?

What Are Accuracies?

How Are EPD Calculated?

Sec III-C. Marker Assisted Selection

Sec III-D. Crossbreeding for Commercial Beef Production

What Is Heterosis?

Why Is It So Important to Have Crossbred Cows?

Sec III-E. Ultrasound as a Measure of Body Composition

Technician and Equipment Proficiency

Reporting of Data

Sec III-F. Frame Score

Sec III-G. Cow Body Condition Score

Sec III-H. Artificial Insemination

Sec III-I. Beef Performance Glossary

Tab V: Effective Promotion

Tab VII: Junior Programs

Junior Programs

International Junior Brangus Breeders Association

Tab VIII: International Brangus Auxiliary

Tab IX: IBBA By-Laws

Tab X: IBBA Code of Ethics

Tab XI: Appendix