IBBA Member Handbook

IBBA By-Laws

Section Contents
Tab I. General Information
Table of Contents
Sec I-A. Brangus Characteristics
First Generation Brangus Calves
Generation Determination
Sec I-B. History of the IBBA
Tab II. Registration Issues
Sec II-A. Total Herd Reporting
Fee Structure
Reporting Requirements
THR Schedule
Performance Option
Sec II-B. Animal Identification Options
International Letter
Freeze Branding
Hot Iron Branding
Sec II-C. Registration and Certification Requirements
Requirements for Registrations
Registration Disqualifications
Recording Derivative Cattle
Sec II-D. Registration Terms
Animal Status
Color Score
Private Herd Number
Scurs Score
Service Type
Sec II-E. Performance Adjustments and Ratios
Contemporary Groups
Adjusted Birth Weight
Birth Weight Ratio
Adjusted 205 Day Weight
Weaning Weight Ratio
Adjusted Yearling Weight
Yearling Weight Ratio
Adjusted Scrotal Circumference
Sec II-F. Transfer of Registration
Application for Transfer
Transfer of Partial Interest
Date of Sale
Signature on Transfer Form
Service Information on Females
Registration and Transfer of Calf at Side
Sec II-G. Certificate Corrections/Duplicates
Corrections to Registration Certificates
Animal Name Change
Duplicate Registration Certificates
Sec II-H. DNA Genotyping / Parent Verification
DNA Genotyping
Parent Verification
AI Sire
Donor Dam
Sec II-I. Genetic Defect Policy
Sec II-J. DNA Genotyping Procedures
Semen Sample
Blood Sample
Tab III. Genetic Improvement
Sec III-A. Guidelines for Within-Herd Performance Programs
Herd Sire
Heifer Selection
Merchandising for Seedstock Producer
Sec III-B. Expected Progeny Differences (EPD)
What Are Expected Progeny Differences?
How Do You Use EPD?
What Are Accuracies?
How Are EPD Calculated?
Sec III-C. Marker Assisted Selection
Sec III-D. Crossbreeding for Commercial Beef Production
What Is Heterosis?
Why Is It So Important to Have Crossbred Cows?
Sec III-E. Ultrasound as a Measure of Body Composition
Technician and Equipment Proficiency
Reporting of Data
Sec III-F. Frame Score
Sec III-G. Cow Body Condition Score
Sec III-H. Artificial Insemination
Sec III-I. Beef Performance Glossary
Tab V. Effective Promotion
Sec V-A. Service Your Customer
Sec V-B. Building a Marketing Plan
Sec V-C. Using the Internet to Your Advantage
Sec V-D. Effective Print Advertising
Sec V-E. Proactive Promotion
Tab VI. Exhibiting Brangus Cattle
Exhibiting Brangus Cattle
Tab VII. Junior Programs
Junior Programs
International Junior Brangus Breeders Association
Tab VIII. International Brangus Auxiliary
International Brangus Auxiliary (IBA)
Tab IX. IBBA By-Laws
Tab X. IBBA Code of Ethics
Sec X-A. Members
Sec X-B. Directors, Officers and Employees
Tab XI. Appendix
Sec XI-A. IBBA Authorization Forms
Sec XI-B. Natural Breeding Agreement Form
Sec XI-C. Heifer Exposure Form