IBBA Board Elections

President Heptinstall has appointed four nominating committees to recruit and qualify candidates for the upcoming Board election. Consistent with IBBA by-laws, the President has appointed all eligible Board members to serve on these committees. Board members who are seeking re-election will not be serving on any of the nominating committees. Each chairman will be recruiting members to serve on the nominating committees.

The committee chairs and the appointed members are as follows, with contact information:


Vern Suhn, Chairman.  [email protected]

Pam Doiron,  [email protected]

Tracy Holbert,  [email protected]

Mark Cowan,  [email protected]

Mary Douglass,   [email protected]

Darrel Law,   [email protected]

Don Cox,  [email protected]



Rob Singleton, Chairman.  [email protected]

Jimmy Trice, [email protected]

Jeremy Jackson, [email protected]

Todd Harvey,  [email protected]

Dave Sneed,  [email protected]



Shiloh Hall, Chairman.  [email protected]

Bill Beames, [email protected]

Marty Lavender, [email protected]

Troy Floyd, [email protected]



Mike Weathers, Chairman.  [email protected]

Joe Fuller  [email protected]

Danny Farris  [email protected]

Pete DeLeeuw  [email protected]

Marcos Borges  [email protected]

Lee Alford  [email protected]


Please do not be bashful. If you know of someone whom you believe would be a good Board member (including yourself), please contact a nominating committee chair or member. Please complete the IBBA Board Candidate Profile Form and send it to the nominating committee members representing your region, or the At-Large nominating committee chairman if seeking the At-Large seat.

Click HERE for the IBBA Board Candidate Profile Form