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What Do You Know About Fetal Programming?

by North Dakota State University Area Extension Livestock Specialist Janna Kincheloe   The relationship between nutrition and reproduction has been well established with measures such as calving interval, calf health and survival, and overall pregnancy rates affected by body condition score at calving. To date, most research has focused on optimizing reproductive response in the

Cattle Fever Ticks

by Hallie Hasel, DVM Cattle fever ticks, known, also, as Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus and R. (B.) microplus, are the most dangerous cattle ectoparasites in the United States. These ticks have been a threat to American agriculture for generations as they are capable of transmitting the protozoa, or microscopic parasite, Babesia bovis or B. bigemina, the

American Breeds Coalition Advocates for Brahman-Influenced Cattle Breeds

by Tori R. Perkins, Texas Tech University When you hear the term American-breed cattle, you often think about their distinctive ear and underline. Well in the early 1990s, when a producer heard “Brahman influence,” it often meant a 10 to 12 percent discount per pound at payday. At the time, the Certified Angus Beef Program

Telling the Brangus Story

by IBBA Assistant to the Executive Vice President Yvonne “Bonnie” Ramirez “Go Brangus!” “Build with Brangus!” “Any Country is Brangus Country!” What do these slogans mean to you? Brangus cattle have a long and rich history, dating back to the early 1900s. There’s a great story to tell about Brangus cattle. Are you telling it?

Dawn of a New Age

by Taylor Shackelford Each year brings women and men closer to equals in the workplace. 2016 saw massive crowds and high traffic in the mainstream media celebrating women. In today’s current job market, women are taking a larger share of entry-level career positions and leadership platforms. In rural America, there is an equally exciting, grassroots

Brangus in the Land Down Under

by Taylor Shackelford Brangus cattle are well-equipped for any climate with a thicker hide and greater surface area than their Bos indicus contemporaries. While many are under the impression that Brangus only exist in the coastal United States of America and continental South America, these cattle are perfect for the island life. Australia and Thailand

Brangus Seedstock Producers Recognized Nationally

Five members of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) were recognized by BEEF Magazine in the 2017 BEEF Seedstock 100 list. In the official article, BEEF released the following explanation: “BEEF’s Seedstock 100 list is based on the number of bulls marketed last year, not the number of cattle registered annually or the number of

Marketing: Endless Opportunities

by Karoline Rose Payday: the day when all your hard work for the year leaves the driveway on a cattle truck, and you hold a check in hand. As a cattle procurement officer and a cow-calf operator, I am on both sides of the payday coin. I know this is how many of us operate

The Measure of a Man

by Taylor Shackelford Not every commercial cattle operation is just cow-calf. Stevie Ray Hansen and his ranch, Hansen Land and Cattle Company (HLC), is a book you can’t judge by its cover. In addition to his commercial Brangus operation, he just signed on a property to house foster kids as they age out of the

Marketing Your Cattle in a Live Auction

by Mark Cowan, American Marketing Services What does it take to market cattle in an auction? Good cattle are a given. However, to be consistently successful, you need more than just good cattle – you need a plan. Plan to market your cattle well in advance of the event. That planning and goal-setting should occur