Brangus in 2017

by IBBA Executive Vice President Tommy Perkins, PhD., PAS


We are in the middle of the season to give thanks and appreciation for the many things we have in life. I am hopeful that everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving and will be preparing for a festive Christmas and safe New Year. This is, also, a time of reflection of the previous year’s activities from a personal and association perspective. You will enjoy this month’s Brangus Journal as we share a review of 2017 in pictures as well as in data submission. I am certainly thankful for the outstanding leadership team, membership, and staff that keep this association and all of our other business entities moving forward in such an incredible manner.

I have just completed my fourth year as the executive vice president for the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA). It is funny how time flies by as we get older, but I can honestly say the past four years have pleasantly flown by. The association has made great strides in those four years, which is a compliment to the men and women who have served as officers and directors of the association during this time. Our accomplishments are, also, a tribute to the members who continue to register and transfer cattle. Although we have faced many challenges, we have been blessed with many opportunities.

The IBBA has just celebrated its anniversary of the new office space. The staff has enjoyed the chance to share a tour with all of the members and guests that have stopped by to see us. Please come by for a cup of coffee if you are ever in the area as we would love to show off the office. A visit would, also, give you a chance to learn more about the outstanding staff partners who are providing excellent service to the membership and the breed.

In a review of the 2017 data submission, it is important to look at some of the important trends in performance data and DNA submission by states. As you will see in the chart below, more data submission is needed by everyone. Although Texas leads all states in the number of cows on Total Herd Reporting (THR), other states report more weaning weights (WWR), yearling weights (YWR), and higher density DNA testing (GE-EPDR) as a percentage of potential calves on the cow inventory. Kansas, Georgia, New Mexico, and North Carolina are doing a better job of reporting WWR as a percentage of THR. Florida, Kansas, and New Mexico do a good job of reporting YWR in relation to animals with weaning weights reported. Lastly, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, and New Mexico do the best job of DNA submission as a percentage of animals with weaning weights.



Compliments are extended to elite Brangus breeders from all parts of the country for steadfast reporting of data. Please review additional year end statistics in this issue for a more complete picture.

All paid IBBA members in area four, six, seven and eight should have received a voting packet recently. The ballot includes names of dedicated members seeking one of the four new director openings. Please excercise your right to cast a vote for the next set of leaders of this association as member participation is necessary for a strong and vibrant association. Your vote counts, and we value your opinion. Don’t forget to send your marked and signed ballot to the accounting firm of Akin, Doherty, Klein and Feuge, PC. Do not send it to the IBBA office.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any specific questions about the year-end stats, voting procedures or any other Brangus questions. For information about IBBA programs or other inquiries, please call (210) 696-8231 or visit Stay connected to IBBA through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube or receive news updates by joining our email list.