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Welcome to Igenity® Brangus® and the Power of Confident Selection. You can have more confidence you are picking the best heifers for your cow herd of the future!

Beef genomics empower your future Select, manage and market cattle with more confidence. Evaluate maternal, performance and carcass traits in one step. Focus time, feed and resources on young breeding stock of verified merit.

  • Confidently select for more productive cows.
  • Confidently select for calf-crop uniformity tailored to your production, marketing and grazing goals.
  • Confidently select for grids, value-added programs and retained ownership.

A new profile family for a herd expansion era These new tests use up to 5,000 gene markers that are involved in economically important cattle-performance factors. The profiles use the superior prediction of our advanced genomic-sequencing technology, providing the greatest possible value available in commercial cattle profiles today.

Affordable power The new Igenity portfolio provides affordable tools to predict performance in your breeding stock, enhances confidence in selection decisions and saves you years in achieving your herd-improvement goals.

The sooner you profile, the faster you improve your herd More and more commercial cattle producers are incorporating DNA profiling in their management programs. Common times to collect DNA samples (hair follicles, blood, or tissue cores) are at birth or when handling cattle during branding, processing, vaccinating, weaning and breeding soundness exams. To get started, please download the Igenity Brangus order form, download the Igenity Brangus brochure or call our DNA Specialist at the IBBA office (210-696-8231).

Here’s everything you need to get started with Igenity testing.

  1. Select add-ons if desired. (Additional costs apply for coat color and genetic conditions)
  2. Pick the DNA sampling method and time of year that’s best for you that’s best for you. (See charts below)
  3. Order your sample collection supplies: online at www.igenity.com or by phone at 877-IGENITY.
  4. Collect your samples and send them in with your Igenity submission form to IBBA’s office, P.O. Box 809, Adkins, TX 78101
  5. Complete the Igenity® Brangus® online order form at https://gobrangus.com/igenity-brangus-profiler/


In just a few weeks, you will have the information you need to beat the trends. By Igenity profiling your heifers, you can foresee their potential productivity as mother cows. And you can assess the performance efficiency and carcass values they will pass on to their calves. This helps you be more confident choosing heifers for the future of your herd.

Commercial Cattle Product Information

Igenity, $25

Routine profiler for six maternal, performance and carcass traits, plus parentage—ideal for heifers that will produce feeder calves.

  • Reproduction: Calving Ease Direct, Calving Ease Maternal, Maternal Weaning Weight (Milk), Scrotal Circumference
  • Performance: Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight
  • Carcass: Ultrasound IMF, Ultrasound REA, Ultrasound Fat
  • Benefits: Indicus Parentage and Tenderness

Available Add-Ons

  • Coat Color, $10
  • Genetic Conditions (DD), $10


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