DNA Testing Resources

  • IBBA members are currently free to submit DNA samples to the laboratory of their choice. Alternatively, DNA may be submitted to the IBBA office for testing for a nominal fee in addition to the laboratory testing fee.
  • The following laboratories work closely with the IBBA. The member can choose to which lab they would like to submit DNA samples. When submitting DNA for testing, if you are using the physical form found on the GoBrangus.com site given below, please email or fax a copy to our DNA Specialist, [email protected], to ensure results are shared with the IBBA. If you plan to submit DNA through the member system, regstr, all results will be sent to your account when received by the laboratory.
  • If a member elects to submit DNA samples directly to a laboratory, they must also confirm release of those results to the IBBA.
  • Pricing and product lists are available upon request to the IBBA office at (210) 696-8231 or by email.

Testing Laboratories

Neogen Corportation · Igenity and Geneseek

4131 N 48th Street - Lincoln, NE 68504
Toll Free (877) 443-6489 · Fax (402) 435-0665
www.igenity.com · [email protected]

Contact your Neogen GeneSeek Operations beef sales team member

Zoetis Animal Genetics

333 Portage Road - Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007
Customer Service (877) BEEF-DNA · Corporate (877) 233-3362 · Fax (269) 833-4711
zoetis.com · [email protected]

Genetic Conditions

The International Brangus Breeders Association is currently monitoring genetic conditions as they relate to pedigrees within the IBBA herdbook.
Questions regarding genetic conditions can be addressed to IBBA staff by calling 210-696-8231 or by email.

IBBA Genetic Defect Policy

The International Brangus Breeders Association Board of Directors has adopted a Genetic Defect Policy that can be downloaded [ PDF ].

Download the DD Question and Answer Fact Sheet [ PDF ]