Genomic Enhanced (GE)-EPDs

GE-EPDsThe International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) announces the selection of GeneSeek, a Neogen Corporation Company based in Lincoln, Neb., as the new provider for the association’s DNA testing process. This partnership includes DNA testing for parental validation and genetic conditions as well as future IBBA Genomic Enhanced (GE)-EPDs.

IBBA’s GE-EPDs will be powered by the GeneSeek Bovine GGP-HD 78K chip and will utilize the GeneSeek Bovine GGP-LD 30K chip. Please note, NO information or data from previous vendors will be lost in this transition. As a matter of fact, you may continue to utilize other genomics providers (Zoetis, etc.) if you prefer. Just be aware that their genomic products will not be exactly the same as those provided by GeneSeek.