Letter from IBBA Executive Vice President Regarding Staff Changes and Open Positions

Letter from IBBA Executive Vice President Regarding Staff Changes and Open Positions


Brangus Breeders,


IBBA has had some staff changes that I want you to be aware of.  Also, at the bottom of this letter, I have summarized two open positions at the association.  Whenever possible, I would like to fill open positions with people who have some Brangus background and some dedication toward the breed.  If you know of people who might be interested, please have them contact me.


Emilio Silvas has announced his resignation from the International Brangus Breeders Association.  Mr. Silvas has spent a total of 9 years in service to IBBA, covering two separate engagements.  He is well known for his work with the software programs used to warehouse data, perform registrations and compile and manage performance data submitted by Brangus Breeders.


Emilio has been a valuable asset to IBBA.  We are very sad to see him leave, but are excited for him on a personal level as he embarks on a new career with tremendous upside opportunity.   Emilio assembled a very competent team and has led them well.  Fortunately for IBBA, the team of Dan Ross and Andrew Sicotte will remain on the job with a laser focus on bringing the final functional components of regstr on line in the very near term.  We have all awaited the day when the basic functions work well so that we can begin adding on the convenience features and data access tools that IBBA members want and deserve.  It has been quite a ride, but we are nearly there, thanks in large part to Emilio’s vision and dedication.


Andrew Sicotte will serve as Product Manager for regstr, working with Dan Ross, Software Engineer.  Members who have used the new registration page on the system have been highly complementary.  This is an example of the work quality of Andrew and Dan.  They are a very capable team.


We are also very pleased to have Mary Douglass working with us again on a part time basis.  Mary brings a wealth of experience and a burning passion for Brangus cattle and IBBA members.  IBBA staff is determined to get back to the quality of service that members expect and this great breed of cattle deserves.  Having Mary on board, even on a part time basis, is just one indication of my commitment to member service.


Jessica England is managing registration services.  Jessie has previous experience in this role and has hit the ground running.  Commensurate with this change, Marissa Murphy has resigned from her position as Registration Specialist.


IBBA is seeking to fill two open positions, summarized below.


Communications and Media Coordinator (with upward potential to become Director of Marketing and Communications).  Critical skills include exemplary writing and composition skills, organizational skills necessary to manage the logistics of publishing the Brangus Journal and the Frontline Beef Producer.  Experience with social media and creative design is highly desired.  Position will also include committee staffing responsibilities for the Promotion Committee and possibly another committee consistent with applicant’s experience and interest.


Registry Specialist  The person in this position assists members in registrations, transfers, performance data input and data extraction for marketing purposes.  The Registry Specialist will also help teach members how to make the best use of the regstr system on-line.  Attention to detail and professional telephone and communication skills are essential.  A deeply-held innate desire to ensure that every interaction results in a satisfied customer is a skill that cannot be taught, but is essential to this position.


Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions, concerns or ideas.





Darrell L. Wilkes, Ph.D

Executive Vice President