Update From the Field: October 2017

by IBBA Field Service Representative Matt Murdoch


This summer was full of excitement in the Brangus industry. We had the National Junior Brangus Show (NJBS) and Brangus Futurity in Texarkana, Texas A&M University’s Beef Cattle Short Course, and the launch of the International Brangus Breeders Association’s (IBBA) Carcass Merit Excellence Challenge. For me, your IBBA field service representative, being on the road and sharing in the progression and success of this breed is better now than ever.

The NJBS and Futurity was definitely a big hit. We had a huge turnout of breeders and exhibitors this year to showcase the impressive strides Brangus has taken in the genetic selection for show cattle. For those who do not yet know, I have been generously given the responsibility of coordinating all open Brangus shows in addition my position as field services representative. The Futurity was the first opportunity I had to put forth my efforts to work at an open show. I want to take a second to thank the entire show advisory committee for pointing me in the right direction and making Texarkana such a fantastic event. Without the help and support of them, as well as the entire IBBA staff, it wouldn’t have been possible.

On down the road, the next stop was Beef Cattle Short Course in College Station, where cattlemen and women gathered for a few short days full of fellowship and educational presentations. There were more than 2,000 participants in attendance at the short course, and it felt like everyone stopped by the Brangus booth. We had the opportunity to talk with lots of people, both Brangus breeders and some that are looking to get into Brangus. It is always a great time visiting with those individuals that come and share their success stories with us in the Brangus breed. The event put on by Texas A&M University is well-organized and constantly growing. We can’t wait for next year when we get to do it again.

Additionally, something new in Brangus is finally upon us. As a staff we have been working very diligently to get a carcass program lined out, and it has officially been started. The Carcass Merit Excellence Challenge is made to collect both feedlot and carcass data to help refine the accuracy of the breed’s already impressive carcass figures. We are encouraging breeders and producers to retain ownership of some cattle and feed them out with a feedlot that is willing to collect data for IBBA to use. We know this will be a great thing that you, as a breeder, can use to see how Brangus cattle are preforming in the yard and on the rail when compared to other breeds. (For more details on the Carcass Merit Excellence Challenge, click here.)

Lastly, sale season is here again, and I am more than ready to see all the cattle that are going to be offered at a number of sales across the country this fall. The cattle market is in much better shape, and the cattle themselves are better now than ever. I hope that those affected by the recent hurricanes and storms have been able to first stay safe but, also, withstand the conditions. IBBA Executive Vice President Tommy Perkins, PhD., PAS and I will be traveling coast to coast in the upcoming months, and I hope we run into you down the road. Until then, pray for good weather, great cattle, and keep building with Brangus.