Total Herd Reporting (THR)

Brangus Total Herd Reporting (THR)The Brangus® Total Herd Reporting (THR) system is designed to improve the collection of performance information on all active animals in the breed and to equally spread the costs of promoting the breed across all active animals in the breed. Rather than the traditional calf-based registration fee structure that discourages the reporting of complete contemporary group information, THR uses an inventory-based fee structure or annual assessment charged on all reproductively mature animals. THR requires the reporting of annual production and performance records on all cattle within a herd, but the responsibility of selecting which calves are worthy of registration remains with the breeder.

Under THR members will pay a single, annual assessment on each animal of ‘assessment age’. Payment of the annual assessment on a cow entitles the cow owner (breeder) to register one calf born to the cow during that 12-month period and a single transfer of that calf to a new owner if the transfer occurs before the animal reaches 24 months of age, if a female or 30 months of age, if a male. Payment of the annual assessment on a bull allows for the subsequent registration of calves sired by the bull during that year of service, provided all other registration requirements have been met.

Major benefits of THR include:

  • Simplicity; one fee covers the most common breeder expenses, rather than multiple fees for routine transactions.
    Quality; complete reporting will improve the reliability of EPDs on all IBBA cattle by removing the effects of
    reporting bias.
  • Improved customer service; no extra fee for calf transfers will ensure more complete reporting of transfers.
    Improved identification of bull owners increases the likelihood of participation in commercial marketing
    programs which will improve demand for IBBA seedstock.
  • New selection tools; Total Herd Reporting will make it possible to estimate fertility and survivability EPDs and to
    calculate herd-average reproduction and production management measures for within herd use. These
    calculations are meaningless with incomplete reporting.

Total Herd Reporting Annual Schedule

Event Spring Herd Fall Herd
The Association sends each member a preliminary
inventory based on the previous year’s inventory that
has been adjusted for disposal and transfer information
reported to the association by this date.
January 15 July 15
Member returns the inventory to the Association with all
changes, additions and corrections. Inventory
adjustments can be made online.
Online: February 28
Mail: February 14
Online: August 31
Mail: August 15
Association invoices members for annual THR
assessments based on your herd inventory. (Terms
50% due at invoicing and 50% due at 60 days.)
March 1 September 1
Association sends “No Progeny Report” to those
members who have active cows with no calf record or
reason code.
January 15 July 15
“No Progeny Report” due back to Association. Cows
with no calf record or reason code reported are
Online: February 28
Mail: February 14
Online: August 31
Mail: August 15
Association sends inventory worksheets to members to
report the production of each cow for the THR calendar
August 1 February 1

IBBA members who submit outstanding records are eligible for Performance Leader Awards. Click here to learn more.