Zak O’Brien on Brangus Yield

Zak O’Brien discusses yield in Brangus cattle.

Where do pounds come from? – Joe and Sandy Willey

What traits make for the ideal mother cow? – Joe and Sandy Willey

What do you need to re-build your herd? – Adam Whitesell

What benefit does Residual Feed Intake data offer and how can Brangus contribute? – Dr. Gordon Carstens

Ultimately what are we producing? – Kelley Sullivan

Sale Cattle Preparation

Demonstration on how to fit and prepare cattle for a sale.

Russell Trefny on Steer Conversion

Russel Trefny on steer conversion in Brangus cattle.

Regstr – How To Register an Animal

REGSTR – How to Register a Calf

NJBS 2013 – Owned Show Results

NJBS 2013 – Bred and Owned Show

Mark Sebranek of Irsik and Doll Feedyard

Mark Sebranek is the manager of Irsik and Doll Feed Yard in Garden City, Kansas. He is very pleased with the way Brangus cattle perform at their facility and has seen these cattle achieve great performance levels over the years.

Jerry Rhoades On Brangus Cattle

Jerry Rhoades discussing his satisfaction with Brangus genetics.

Is yield important to you? – Zak O’Brien

Is longevity of value in your operation? – Adam Whitesell

International Brangus Breeders Foundation – Video

International Brangus Breeders Association featured on American Rancher

In the end, doesn’t more pounds=more profit? – Chad Parish

IBBA Junior Spotlight – Kelsey Munoz

IBBA Junior Spotlight – Emily Jackson

How Was the Brangus Breed Developed?

Steve Densmore, Cattle Manager of Circle X Brangus in Bryan, Texas, discusses how the Brangus breed was developed.

How To – Utilize Contemporary Groups

Dr. Joseph Massey, IBBA’s Executive Vice President, explains contemporary groups and how producers can effectively utilize them to submit the most conclusive data in order to increase the accuracy of EPD’s.

How To – Using the Semen Inventory Feature on IBBA’s Website

A semen inventory is provided to IBBA members through the IBBA website at Learn how to use this feature to assist in more efficient record keeping.

How To – Using the Customer Letters Feature to Improve Customer Relations

Provided as a free service to IBBA members, customer letters allow producers and breeders to maintain contact and help build a relationship with their customers. Utilizing this feature offered by the IBBA is a great way to increase communication, follow up with customers and see how your product is working for them. Watch the quick video tutorial to learn how to begin using this feature.

How To – Register Calves Online with IBBA

How To – Record Calves on the IBBA Portal

This how-to educational tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to record calves online on IBBA’s website at You must be an active member with a valid member ID number to log in to the website.

How To – Explaining the Birth Weight EPD

Ben Spitzer, IBBA’s Marketing Programs Director, explains Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) to cattle producers and how to effectively use birth weight to enhance breeding programs.

How To – Custom Report Builder Feature on GoBrangus

One of the most beneficial features provided by the IBBA, the custom report builder allows IBBA members to quickly and easily generate reports outlined in a table format. From EPDs to carcass data, IBBA members can select customizable criteria based on the recorded animals in the Brangus database. Visit to view more video tutorials.

How To – Creating Calving History & EPD Reports

Developing reports is important to accurate record keeping and decision making. This feature allows users to create calving history reports that will assist customers in making informed management and breeding decisions. Generating EPD reports allows you to quickly and easily gather EPDs on animal groups active in your inventory. For more videos from IBBA visit

How To – Add Your Public Contact Information

This video will walk you through the steps needed to make your contact information available  on the website. An outline of the steps is also provided below:

Step 1:
Go to the main portal page and log in to your account.

Step 2:
Click on Profile, this will be the first option you see within Account Management.

Step 3:
This will bring you to a page with a lot of information, Scroll Down until you find a box with the title “Public Profile Information”. Over on the right, you will see the Options box, Click Edit.

Step 4:
This will bring you to your Member Public Profile page, Find the Address You Want to Make Public, Click the Circle Button on the right next to the Address.

Step 5:
Double Check 
the right address has been selected, now Click Submit.

Success! This will make your contact information available to the public at

How long should you expect a cow to stay in your herd? – Gary Bruns

How long should you expect a cow to stay in your herd? – Doug Garris

How do your cattle gain and convert? – Russel Trefny

How do Brangus® cattle feed? – Doug Gariss

How do Brangus cattle bring everything to the table? – Dr. Tommy Perkins

How do Brangus Cattle Bring Everything to the Table?

Dr. Tommy Perkins, IBBA Executive Vice-President, discusses Brangus cattle.

How are Brangus® the most versatile breed? – Gary Bruns

HLSR Brangus Show Results 2013

Watch the most exciting highlights in the show ring as the champions and reserve champions are selected at the Brangus bull and female shows at the HLSR.

Global Roundup Leslie Frenzel

Leslie Frenzel from Texas A&M University talks about grading cattle from a meat science point of view and also does a live demonstration cutting up a ribeye roll. This was held during the International Global Roundup during the IBBA Annual Convention March 6, 2014, held in Houston, Texas.

Global Brangus Roundup 2013

The Global Brangus Roundup serves as a venue for U.S. Brangus producers to network with international Brangus breeders and showcase genetics from numerous operations. Hosted during IBBA’s Annual Convention in Houston, Texas, this year’s event demonstrated the need for more communication across borders and an increase in demand for Brangus genetics worldwide.

Genetic Conditions Update – DD

IBBA Executive Vice President Dr. Tommy Perkins discusses the genetic condition Developmental Duplication, referred to as “DD”, and the impact the defect has on the Brangus breed as well as the beef cattle industry. Perkins also provides IBBA’s response to handling the defect. Visit for more information.

Gary Bruns on Brangus Longevity

Gary Bruns discusses longevity in Brangus cattle.

Dr. Kristen Kastner DVM on her Satisfaction with her Brangus Influenced Herd

Another Satisfied Cattle Producer, Dr. Kristen Kastner DVM

Dr. Carstens on Residual Feed Intake and Brangus

Dr. Carstens from Texas A&M University, Professor of Animal Nutrition, on Residual Feed Intake and Brangus

Dr Perkins IBBA Executive Vice President

Dr. Perkins discusses some of his goals for the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) and addresses the membership.

Doug Garris Discusses Brangus Fertility

Doug Garris, of Gariss Ranch in Lamar, Missouri,  discusses fertility in Brangus cattle.

Does pinkeye cause you problems? – Zak O’Brien

Do you have rough country? – Benny Wooton

Did you know how the Brangus® breed was developed? – Steve Densmore

Chad Parish on Brangus Profit

Chad Parish discusses profit with Brangus cattle.

Cattle Genetic Tools

Can your cattle handle the heat? – Gary Bruns

Brangus featured on The American Rancher

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Recently, the Brangus breed was featured on an episode of The American Rancher television series. The program took an in-depth look into the Brangus breed and highlighted the advantages of building your cowherd around Brangus genetics.

If you missed the airing be sure to watch the episode using the link above. Viewers can look forward to hearing about the development of the Brangus breed and the characteristics that make Brangus the breed of choice for many cattle producers worldwide.

“This episode is a great representation of how Brangus can increase the productivity and ultimately the success of your operation in today’s cattle industry. Real stories from real cattlemen that see the difference that Brangus makes for them!” said Kyle Dykes, IBBA’s Commercial Marketing Coordinator. “Brangus cattle are built to meet any demand and we urge you to see the result for yourself! ”

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any specific questions about Brangus for use in your operation. For information about IBBA programs or other inquiries, please call (210) 696-8231 or visit

Brangus Feature on The American Rancher

The Brangus breed is an American beef breed developed with commercial producers in mind. Researchers began experimenting with crosses of Angus and Brahman as early as 1912 at the Jeannerette, La., USDA experiment station. Their goal was to develop a hearty type of animal with adaptability and carcass quality that would thrive in heat and environmentally challenging ranch country.

For more information about The American Rancher visit

Brangus Fall Conference

Join us in San Antonio, Texas, October 2-4, for the first Brangus Fall Conference. Get involved in committee meetings, attend the educational sessions, hear from NCBA CEO Forrest Roberts, enjoy good Texas barbecue, and celebrate the commencement of the International Brangus Foundation! Watch the video for all the exciting details.

Brangus Episode to air on the American Rancher

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – The Brangus breed will be featured on an upcoming episode of The American Rancher television series airing on RFD-TV beginning August 25, 2014. This program will highlight the characteristics that make Brangus the breed of choice for many cattle producers across the world.

Viewers can look forward to hearing about the development of the Brangus breed from its early inception in 1912 and the tremendous strides and accomplishments the breed and the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) have made over the past 65 years.

“The audience will hear from several progressive commercial and purebred cattlemen about their experiences using Brangus and Brangus influenced cattle,” said Jason Bates, IBBA’s Director of Field Services and Commercial Marketing. “We are excited to bring audiences a direct insight to the benefits Brangus and Brangus crossbred cattle can deliver.”

The IBBA, located in San Antonio, Texas, strives to provide the cattle industry, domestically and internationally, with the best genetics possible. It was founded as the American Brangus Breeders in 1949 and has since evolved into the IBBA. The purpose of the IBBA is to enable members to serve the commercial cattle industry. For more information, visit

Download Press-Release Brangus to air on American Rancher

Brangus Beat 5.7

IBBA releases Genomic Enhanced EPD’s

Brangus Beat 5.28

Brangus Beat 4.1

Learn more about the Brangus Built tagging program.

Brangus Beat 2.1 – 2015 IBBA Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet

Brangus Beat 1.5 – Welcome Kyle Dykes to the Brangus Team

Brangus Beat 1.5 – Southeast Brangus Field Day

Brangus Beat 1.4- Florida, Where Brangus Rule

Jason Bates takes a few minutes to talk about his recent herd visits in the Southeast and Florida where Brangus are thriving and the demand is growing.

Brangus Beat 1.3 – Breed Predictor Tool

Emilio Silvas, IBBA Product Manager, talks about the new breed predictor tool he developed to help IBBA members more clearly understand breed eligibility and make-up of their cattle when upgrading.

Brangus Beat 1.2 – 2014 Important Dates & Deadlines

Welcome to the second episode of the Brangus Beat where we remind members of important summer and fall 2014 dates coming up including NJBS deadlines and upcoming field days. Visit for a complete calendar and additional information.

Brangus Beat 1.1 – Brangus Sales

The Brangus Beat is a new education and information source for IBBA members more info here. This episode gives a market summary of Brangus sales so far in 2014. For more information, visit

Adam Whitesell Discusses Brangus Longevity

Adam Whitesell of Lockwood, Missouri, discusses longevity in Brangus cattle.

2012 Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award – Southern Accent Farm

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam recognized Southern Accent Farm as the 2012 Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award winner. Allen and Nicki Smith, owners and operators of the purebred Brangus and commercial cattle operation near Okeechobee, Fla., demonstrate leadership in developing and implementing innovated and progressive techniques to safeguard the environment and conserve natural resources.

For more information about the award, visit

2009 IBBA Convention Slide Show

Selection of photos highlighting the 2009 IBBA Convention, as well as participation in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show.

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