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Heterosis Giveaway Winner: Joe Janak

Joe Janak, of Victoria, Texas, is the winner of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA)’s heterosis giveaway. IBBA’s 2016 advertising campaign included an internet entry opportunity in which ad viewers could choose to participate. The prize at stake was $250 to be put toward the purchase of Brangus® or Ultrablack® genetics. Janak was the winner

The Brangus Project

by Taylor Shackelford There is no right or wrong way to raise livestock. Many would agree, one of the best things you can do is learn from the successes of others. If that doesn’t work, if you don’t learn what you need, or if you see a trending flaw, start back at the basics. Build

Exporting & Importing: What to Expect

by Hillary Kvamme, Elgin Breeding Service We see it every day with modern technology: pictures of the newest calf born in a country thousands of miles from the bull that sired it. While this seems to be a rather routine undertaking, after all, we see the pictures and hear the stories constantly, the process it


Csonka: His legacy continues to influence the breed, both domestically and internationally. by Martha Hollida Garrett   Csonka of Brinks 30R4 was just one of many bulls born in 2005, but perhaps no other bull in the history of the breed has impacted and changed Brangus like he has in terms of producing both extremely popular

Brangus Seedstock Producers Recognized Nationally

Five members of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) were recognized by BEEF Magazine in the 2017 BEEF Seedstock 100 list. In the official article, BEEF released the following explanation: “BEEF’s Seedstock 100 list is based on the number of bulls marketed last year, not the number of cattle registered annually or the number of

2017: The Year of the Ultrablack®

by Tori Perkins Looking out into a cow-filled pasture, it is hard to see the difference between them at first glance. When you take time to look closer, there is a clear difference between each breed in the pasture and on your plate. Brangus cattle are known for being the hardy cross between the Angus

It’s All in the Family

by Taylor Shackelford Starting a cattle herd can be a daunting task. For someone just getting into the Brangus breed, there are hundreds of genetic options to navigate. Most understand expected progeny differences (EPDs) typically fall into one of three categories: reproductive, growth-driven or carcass-oriented. Yet, there are highly-sought genetics, which encompass multiple EPD traits,

Get to Know Genomic Testing

by John Genho, Livestock Genetic Services Over the past several years, genomic tests have become more available to breeders for genetic improvement. These have come in several different forms and have been used in different ways. The following is a review of these forms and methods. Initially, our collective thought was that we could find

Reproduction, Twinning and Genomics

by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Livestock Specialist Joe Paschal, PhD. Reproduction in cattle is generally thought to be lowly heritable (0.10-0.20 percent), and as a result selection response is low. Regardless of what reproductive trait is being selected, there is not a lot of variability in breeding value from which to select. These reproductive traits